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Backup: The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries

LJ is being slow again, so reposting this here as well.

Welcome! It's our second listenalong, and I predict much gushing about our narrator's voice. :)

The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries
Written by John Taylor
narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Series: Sherlock Holmes: The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries and Other Stories (also here)
Start time: 12pm noon Los Angeles // 3pm New York // 8pm London
Countdown: start! - Watching back-to-back.
Separate file countdowns for syncing: An Inscrutable MasqueradeThe Conundrum of Coach 13The Trinity Vicarage LarcenyThe 10.59 Assassin
Sparkle text: here!

Upcoming schedule:
May 22 - The Hound of the Baskervilles (2002) with Richard Roxburgh
May 29 - Sherlock Holmes (1954–1955 TV series) with Ronald Howard
June 05 - Sherlock: Case of Evil (2002) with James D'Arcy

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